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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Notable Christmas moments...

There were two more Christmas moments I wanted to be sure to remember happening were the following. 

First, Addison sang with her preschool class for their Christmas performance. Unbeknown to us, she was chosen to hold the coconuts in order to make the sound of the donkey's hoofs traveling to Bethlehem during one of their songs "Clipity Clop". It was so cute! She kept the rhythm perfectly, and I think she really enjoyed being the only one picked.

The second fun thing we did, was having the girls each receive an email from Santa.  This has become a tradition in our family now.  Each year, they get their email and he talks to them about their year, what they're good at, what they need to work on, and what they want for Christmas. They end up watching their virtual Santa numerous times.  They love it and feel so special!