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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun with Friends

We spent the day with our friends at the park and for lunch. Addie LOVES to play with "Gabey Hannah" said like it's one word. Gabe and Hannah are my good friend Kim's twins. They're about 6 months older than Addison and for the most part they all play really well together.

Hannah is quite the little talker and helper. She's sort of the ring leader, with Addie wanting to do whatever she is doing. Here she was running from the camera and I got her right as she struck a little DIVA pose.

Gabe, being ALL boy, is of course the resident car/truck guy stopping whenever he sees one go by.

Then there's Addie who always wants to color, and by that I mean eat the crayons and chalk. She is also the one "walking around" the park, and not actually playing on much of the equipment. This picture is a rarity.

So we spent the day first at the new park by the Plunge in Brea, and then off we went to get our FREE Chick Fil A meal. Kim had never been there and was shocked at how crowded it was...but come on, Biola kids hear FREE and they come in droves. So we ended up meeting Daddy there too and we all ate our free chicken fingers and they gave the kids some balloons.

Hannah decided she didn't want one (as you can tell in the picture), until Addie lost one in the air and we gave her Hannah's and then of course she wanted it back! Oh the joys of "toddlerhood". All in all, it was a great day with friends.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


So my cute baby (although not such a baby anymore) was snacking last night as we waited for Justin to get home so we could meet the Blairs for dinner. In her snack cup was a random assortment of goldfish, raisins, and everything pretzles( the kind with everything on them for seasoning). Anyway so she walks over to me and in her cute voice says " hee oo go mommy" and wants me to eat the raisin she is offering me with her chubby little hand. I take it and pretend to put it in my mouth. I mean sure rains are good in cookies and cereal but I have never liked them by themselves. Well I am not a good pretender cause she sees right through me and starts whinning cause she wants me to really eat the darn thing. So being the loving mom that I try to be, I quickly pop the raisin into my mouth. I think about swallowing it but then decide to chew. (I know you're thinking...it's a raisin!!!! What's the big deal. But it was a mental thing for me).

So here's the lesson. I liked it!! I liked a raisin all by itself. It took me until the ripe old age of 32 to figure this out!! It made me think of God. How many times does He outstretch His hand to us with a perfectly good blessing and we turn our noses up to it cause in our heads we've made a decision NOT to like it. If we would just let our guards down and try something new the Father is asking us we might be really surprised.

Have you said no to God latey when you really should have taken a step of faith and said yes??