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Sunday, August 19, 2012

First time at the dentist

My baby went to the dentist for the first time! I know, I think we're a little late to the party, but we finally took Addie for her first official appointment. We decided to go and see our friend from church, Patrick Yun.

It's kind of funny how excited Addison was to take this leap into "grown up" land.  She was dancing around the house before we left.  We got there, and unfortunately their air was broken, so we sweated through our appointments.  Patrick took it slow with her and just did a few easy X-rays and then counted and cleaned her teeth.  He said she was one of the most well behaved kids he's had in his chair.  I was super proud.  She loved the attention and was really excited when she got a PRESENT from them when it was all done!  A Toy Story toothbrush, toothpaste, and some flossers.  It was like Christmas for her!    No cavities and no crying!  A total success!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Disneyland is WAY more fun at 40 inches

While Sara was here we also went to Disneyland. We have passes, so we've been there countless times but this time was different...this time we realized that Addison was now 40 inches tall! Now that may not sound very earth shattering, but for Addie it was a game changer. She is now tall enough to ride almost every ride there! My little dare devil didn't bat an eye. She was ready for any ride she could get on! She loved every one of them. First we started off in the new "Cars Land" at CA Adventure. We had fun, but come on...those are kiddie rides...
Next was Splash Mountain for the first time! She got soaked but loved it all!
Then it was onto Thunder Mountain...The wildest ride in the wilderness!!
Somewhere in there we also rode Soarin Over California. I'm pretty sure that was her favorite! I'm sad I didn't get a picture. Then we finished up with my favorite ride Space Mountain. Again not a frightened moment...just sheer joy. She even begged to go on it again!
It was no wonder this is how she looked on the way home!

Beach fun...can you ask for more?

We spent quite a few days at the beach this summer.  I was a bit worried about Brynn since she is at an age where she tends to run off as well as really likes eating sand right now ( I know gross but we just can't get her to stop!).  She actually did great and loved every second of it. The girls played in the water and buried themselves in sand. I was even able to get Brynn to nap on the beach.  I just love my little beach bums...

Tea in Santa Monica

My cousin Sara came to visit this summer from Wahimgton, and we had all kinds of fun with her. One of the days we headed down to Santa Monica to see the sights and have tea at my mom's favorite tea house "The Tudor House". My cousin Hayley and Kristen joined us, as well as my mom. Addie was so excited to have tea. She felt like quite the grown up. She also got to hold a parrot while we walked around the pier. Sara was sweet and rode the carrousel with her. It was a lovely afternoon with some of my favorite women.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sisters....Look alike?

Yep, I'm starting to see a family resemblance...you?

Swim Time!

The girls went swimming today with my sweet Auntie Caryn and long time family friend Terri.  They had a great time and we learned that Addie can now dive down to the deep end and retrieve rings that we toss in.  We always knew she was our little fish.  Brynn is now learning to swim with floaties and we are so excited.  Here are two videos that highlight both of the girls amazing swimming skills!

http://youtu.be/48NRN2gioMU  (Addie's Olypmic Swim)

http://youtu.be/NDlWUQzrbtU (Brynnie jumpin in!)