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Monday, August 13, 2012

Disneyland is WAY more fun at 40 inches

While Sara was here we also went to Disneyland. We have passes, so we've been there countless times but this time was different...this time we realized that Addison was now 40 inches tall! Now that may not sound very earth shattering, but for Addie it was a game changer. She is now tall enough to ride almost every ride there! My little dare devil didn't bat an eye. She was ready for any ride she could get on! She loved every one of them. First we started off in the new "Cars Land" at CA Adventure. We had fun, but come on...those are kiddie rides...
Next was Splash Mountain for the first time! She got soaked but loved it all!
Then it was onto Thunder Mountain...The wildest ride in the wilderness!!
Somewhere in there we also rode Soarin Over California. I'm pretty sure that was her favorite! I'm sad I didn't get a picture. Then we finished up with my favorite ride Space Mountain. Again not a frightened moment...just sheer joy. She even begged to go on it again!
It was no wonder this is how she looked on the way home!

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