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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Addison's Preschool Harvest Performance

 My mom and I attended Addie's preschool performance yesterday.  It was the most adorable thing!  Each class was a different fruit or vegetable.  Her class was dressed in apple costumes that they made themselves in school.  They sang a cute song to go along with their fruit.  When she walked up on stage, all I could see was this green stuff all over her mouth and face!  UGH!  I couldn't believe it!  Come to find out later after talking to her teacher, she kept putting the little worm sock puppet (You can see it peeking out of her apple on her hand in the pictures) in her mouth!  I guess the green dye kept getting on her face.  LOL!  She's always been that kid that puts everything in her mouth!  Guess we still haven't outgrown that.  Oh well, it's a funny memory!


Addison and Mrs. Boyce

Mommy is so proud of her!

Nana was so excited to come see her little apple!

Our Little Pumpkin Carvers

We spent the evening carving our pumpkins for this year. I apologize for the nudity in this post...this is Justin's way of preserving their clothes...just take them off!

 Addie did a great job of getting all the seeds out of her pumpkin, even though the word "GROSS" came out of her mouth, along with "DISGUSTING". Brynn put one hand in and said "EEWW" and wouldn't touch it again!

As you can tell, Brynn was SUPER impressed by the whole ordeal!
This is one of the "GROSS" faces.

Brynnie obviously couldn't carve by herself, so this is the pumpkin we worked on together.
 Aw...so cute!

Since Addie picked a very complicated pattern, Justin ended up carving her pumpkin.  She had a bit of a hard time with that....until she saw the final product and then was excited!  TINKERBELL!
Our attempt to get a picture with it lit up...
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We took two different trips to the Pumpkin Patch this season. The first time we went with my brother and my nieces Cosette and Kaelyn. They played around in bounce houses and rode on jeeps. They had a great time!

A week later we met up with my mom, Shannon, Hannah, Josiah, Chris, Sara, and Abby.  We took the kids to the Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin Patch.  It was an absolute gorgeous day and the clouds couldn't have been prettier. The kids also really loved running through the corn maze! I got such great shots there, so I chose a few that I really loved.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The most important day of Addison's Life

On September 17, 2012 the angels rejoiced as Addison Emily Blythe prayed the salvation prayer and accepted Christ into her heart.  I was lucky enough to be the one to lead her in the prayer and it was such a joyous and special time.  As parents, from the day our kids are born, we pray that they will grow up and find favor in the Lord and accept him into their hearts.  Today was that day.  The Lord gives us our kids so we can direct them and show them the One True Way.  I praise God that He is now the Lord of her life and pray that He will continue to guide her steps and grow her in His love.