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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Little Pumpkin Carvers

We spent the evening carving our pumpkins for this year. I apologize for the nudity in this post...this is Justin's way of preserving their clothes...just take them off!

 Addie did a great job of getting all the seeds out of her pumpkin, even though the word "GROSS" came out of her mouth, along with "DISGUSTING". Brynn put one hand in and said "EEWW" and wouldn't touch it again!

As you can tell, Brynn was SUPER impressed by the whole ordeal!
This is one of the "GROSS" faces.

Brynnie obviously couldn't carve by herself, so this is the pumpkin we worked on together.
 Aw...so cute!

Since Addie picked a very complicated pattern, Justin ended up carving her pumpkin.  She had a bit of a hard time with that....until she saw the final product and then was excited!  TINKERBELL!
Our attempt to get a picture with it lit up...
Happy Halloween!

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