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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Making Orange Juice

This day was actually about a month ago, but I just finally got all the pictures uploaded, so I can finally write about it.

Picking the fruit.
In our new house, there are lots of fruit trees.  The one that has been producing more fruit that we could ever keep up with are clementines.  We used to buy these in the store, marked "Cuties" all the time, but now we can just go pick them from our tree.  The only bummer is that ours have seeds. 
We decided that since we have so many of them, we'd pick a bunch and make some fresh squeezed juice.  Addie picked all the clementines for us.  
 She was proud of all her hard work

She filled the whole bag!

It was pretty heavy!
We sliced them all up....
Brynn of course helped to EMPTY the bag...
Addie said the juicer tickled her hand.
Our finished product!  Daddy LOVED it!

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Nana Apryl said...

Aren't you glad you have that electric juicer now? Awesome little tool!