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Sunday, March 4, 2012

17 months and counting...

It is hard to believe that is Brynn is now a year and a half!  Where has the time gone?  To say that Brynn and Addie are different is an understatement!  How amazing and interesting is it to see how we really are born with a certain personality!  That God truly creates us to be a One of  a Kind.  I think any parent of two or more children can see that on a daily basis when watching their kids.  Here are just a few fun tidbits of info about our little Brynn as of now...

* She LOVES to be outside!  She is happiest running and playing and just feeling the breeze on her face.

*She is into EVERYTHING!  There is no drawer she has left full, no bin she's left unopened, no door she's left closed, and no laundry she's left folded!  She is so interested in it all.

*She is totally a blankie girl.  She doesn't really care which one it is, as long as it's the kind my mom makes with the silky ribbon edge.  She loves to hold them, walk around with them, and rub the ribbon part as she falls asleep.

*Brynn absolutely loves dogs!  She gets so excited every time she sees one!  She loves on them, pets them, and squeals with delight when they lick her.  She truly plays with Chance, in a way that Addie never has.

*She is still small for her age.  She is still wearing clothes about 6 months younger than her age.  She's small, but she's got a lot of fire in her!

*She is now signing many words.  She signs: please, more, water, milk, all done, thank you, gentle, and dog

*She has just begun to say words.  Her vocabulary to date is: ma-ma, da-da, papa, nana, ah-da (Addie), all done, uh-oh, up, hi, no, map and back pack (thanks to Dora).  One day I was able to get her to say sister and diaper, but now she just laughs at me when I ask her to say them again.

*Her favorite foods right now are scrambled eggs, bananas, canned pears, applesauce, noodles of any kind, and cheese.

*Brynn loves music and can't help but dance anytime she hears it.

*She seems to have a funny face every time we take her picture!  As evident here!

She is our Brynnie Bear and we can't imagine life without her!

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