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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week Three Acts of Kindess

Day One:  I brought my friend and co worker a Starbucks coffee to work.  As teachers, we LOVE our coffee!

Day Two: A family from our adult fellowship group was going through a tough time.  The man of the house was about to undergo major surgery so I brought them a meal.

Day Three: We were approached by a homeless man in the Toys R Us parking lot, so I gave him the compassion bag I made that I was keeping in my car.  I also installed two of our three carseats for my husband.  Installing carseats is such a pain to him and he hates it, so I did it for him.

Day Four: My in laws came out for the day and helped me to begin packing up our house.   I didn't get to do an act of kindness, because they were showering me with their acts of kindness.

Day Five: I installed the final carseat in my husband's car and cleaned it out as well.

Day Six: Made two big pans of homemade stuffing for our adult fellowship group's Thanksgiving Feast.

Day Seven: Today I really got blessed by my best friend.  She was so kind to me, that instead of blessing someone else today, she showered me with blessings.  I'm really grateful...

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