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Friday, September 16, 2011

We had our first day of Mommy and Me preschool! It was a bit hectic, not gonna lie, but we had a good time! Brynn came with us and was a trooper. She had to skip her nap for the event and for the most part didn't put up too much of a fight. It didn't help that BOTH girls woke up with runny noses today too. UGH! I was really impressed at how Addie (and her best bud Ava) did in class. She was able to do all the activities and recognized the letter they were working on, which was A, because we've been going over A at home. Her teacher, Miss Martha, is super nice. It's a bit crowded, and there were a few big time "criers", but Addie didn't seem to notice. She was too involved in all that "school" has to offer.

She traced an apple, we cut it out, and then painted it red.

Here she is cutting.  She was doing really well at trying to cut between the lines.  She had never really spent time cutting before today and picked it up like a champ.  In fact, it was her favorite station!

Here we're working on the letter A.  We traced it, and colored pictures and then cut them out and glued them.  I was teaching her my little saying I tell my students when working with glue..."A dot is A LOT"...otherwise they'll squeeze the whole bottle!

Here she's working with stringing buttons onto a shoe lace.  She's a master at this, thanks to Nana, who has beads for her to work with at her house.

This is circle time.  Here they sing and listen to a Read Aloud story.  Again, she was great!  She kept her legs Criss Cross Applesauce and paid attention!  To her left is her good friend Ava.  We're so excited to be in class with her!

Here Addie is working on her fine motor skills by putting keys onto a key ring.  She was also counting all her keys, so it was a good center for her.

All in all, it was a great day. Now this mommy is just hoping that after all that hard work at school...Addie will actually take a NAP! Here's hoping!


Anonymous said...

awesome babe, im glad you all had fun

Angie said...

LOVE all the photos!! Sounds like an amazing day ;)