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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Papa and Ice Cream

So my dad, aka "Papa", LOVES ice cream. It's something he eats pretty much every night of his life. Therefore he likes to share this love of creamy goodness with his grandkids. He just loves taking Addie out for ice cream and her favorite flavor is "Cotton Candy" from Rite Aid. She calls it the Cotton Candy Store. My mom was out of town last week so we called Papa to see if he wanted to spend some time with his girls! He was more than happy to come and take us out for ice cream, and really excited to introduce Brynn to this tradition for the first time.
Here, he's pointing out the different flavors to his girls.

Big shock...Addie got Cotton Candy (which is bright purple and blue!  UGH!).
Brynn was contemplating which flavor she and Papa should share.
They decided on Bing Cherry.  Here is her first bite.
MMMM....enjoying it together!
Addie just copped a squat right outside and started to dig in!
Yep, it got everywhere...this is pretty mild still!  She got really messy!!!!!!
All in all it was a great way to end a summer evening and another wonderful "Papa" memory for my girls to bank in their hearts.  We love Papa!!


Nana Apryl said...

Gotta love that Papa! I do...

Angie said...

Oh my goodness too cute!!! I can't believe how much Brynn looks like Justin!?!