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Monday, May 30, 2011

It's a Jolly Holiday with Addie....

Wow! I can't believe my baby is 3! They all tell you it will go by fast, but you have no idea till it happens to you! My mom came up with this idea to do a Mary Poppins themed party for Addie. She loves the movie, and my mom really wanted to sew her the beautiful white dress that Mary wears when she jumps into the Bert's chalk drawing in the movie. And so, a star was born...

She totally LOVED her dress, and all it's matching accessories. She even made us call her Mary all day long.

When my mom and I planned my wedding (wow, almost 6 years ago), we really tried to be aware of the details. Well, this was no different.

When the kids arrived, "Mary" would measure them like she did Jane and Michael. We had name tags for the kids that said things like "Addison, practically perfect in every way", or "Sammy, rather inclined to make silly faces".

We dined on yummy tea sandwiches and fruit.

We played Pin the Tail on the Kite (we used kites as part of our theme because of the final song in the movie "Let's Go Fly a Kite").

Then we painted our very own kite!

Then it was time for presents!!

And we can't forget THE CAKE! My friend Aly, who is an amazing cake artist, helped me (along with Auntie Kristen of course) to decorate this beautiful cake for my girl. I was so proud of the finished product! It was perfect!

And Addie loved it and of course had to steal a taste.

We sang to her and she got to do her favorite part of a birthday party...blow out the candles!

Then finally when everyone was leaving, they filled their goodie bags with all things Mary...

All in all, it was a practically perfect day! Mommy and Nana were so proud, and Addie and the kids had a blast.

Happy Third Birthday Addison!

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