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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Binky Fairy

Wow, we can barely believe that Addie is almost three! She has had so many changes this year and has really transformed into a BIG GIRL! She is potty trained (even through the night!), sleeps in a big girl bed, takes dance class, and is a HUGE help as a big sister. There was one thing though that she just couldn't give up! THE BINKY! This has been her special friend throughout her life and she just loves it! She usually had to go to bed with three of them! One for her mouth and one for each hand.

I have dreaded getting rid of this thing! I haven't known how or when to do it. So...Daddy made the decision (he got to be the bad guy! ;)....

I read on another blog about this idea, so we implemented it!

Justin told Addie that she was a big girl now, and that because of that, we needed to give our binkies to the Binky Fairy so she can go and give them to other babies that need them. She was ALL FOR IT... in the beginning. Justin and Addie went and bought stuff to make a "Bye Bye Binky Cake". They baked it, decorated, and put candles in it. (Can you tell a man helped make this cake?)

After singing our "Bye Bye Binky" song, Addie blew out the candles.

Then we went and hung the binkies in the tree, for the Binky Fairy to come and take them.

(We ended up doing this at Nana's & Papa's house too, where she had another set of binkies...)

After the Binky Fairy took the binkies, she left presents for Addie to thank her for giving them to the babies that needed them, like a new baseball and bat!

This went well....UNTIL it was bed time! Then there were many tears shed, many talks about wanting to be a little girl again, and that night daddy ended up sleeping with Addie to comfort her. But after that, we've only have a few times where she's asked for them and seems to accept our answer that "the binkies are now with other babies".

Addie has informed us though, that her binkies are now with her brother Peyton (aw...melts my heart), and also that she plans on buying herself a new binky next Christmas! She cracks me up!

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Angie said...

Such a cute idea!