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Friday, February 18, 2011

Dear Addison,

Dear Addison,

Mommy's memory is not the best. So I'm writing you a letter right now to tell you all the amazing and funny things you do as a two and half year old. I don't ever want to forget them, and I want you to know just how cool of a kid you are, so I figure if I write it down, then we can all look back on it and enjoy it all over again.

First of all, you are SO SMART! You amaze me at how smart you are! And your memory! You kill me. You still talk about your second birthday party like it was yesterday! You love to relive it. You say "Mommy, Ariel came to my party". I just love it.

You crack me up with the things you do and say. Here's a list of things I tend to hear or see on a regular basis from you:

* "Mommy when I get older, Daddy is going to marry me."

* "So yummy in my tummy! So yummy in my tummy!!"

* "I'm Snow White, and I ate the apple" (cue you falling on the floor and falling asleep)

* "Mommy, fall asleep" (while we wait at a red light), then "Wake up!" (when the light turns green)

* "Mommy, there's Target!! Your favorite store!"

* "Mommy hold me!!!!"

* "Mommy, you're so proud of me!" (after you've gone #2 in the potty)

* "Oh Brynnie, it's okay, Addie's here...."

* "I'm not Addie, I'm a princess!"

* "Mommy, twril-lel me!" (twirl)

*"Clap for me!" (when ever you do something you feel is worthy)

*You love to sing and you sing certain songs over and over...ABC's, Twinkle, Twinkle, Take me Out To the Ball Game, Jesus Loves Me, The B-I-B-L-E, and Jingle Bells.

*You love to say "Pray like Mary", and make us put our hands together and bow our heads like Mary does in Nana's nativity scene.

* You are in a dress up dress EVERY day and would wear it everywhere if we let you.

* When asked what your name is you always respond "Addison Emily Blythe". Never just Addison.

* You make friends where ever we go. You are so friendly and love people!

* You totally LOVE Disneyland. Some of your favorite rides are Dumbo, Small World, and Storybook boat.

*When we tell you you're being a "Drama Queen" you say "No, I'm a Drama Princess".

You seriously are the coolest kid I think I've ever met. Every one who knows you falls in love with you instantly. You have so much joy and personality, that it's contagious. People can't help but want to be around you. Yes, with all that comes a strong personality that can sometimes get you into trouble, but overall you are a loving, sweet, animated little girl and I can't imagine my life without you. You make life so much fun! I can't wait to see how you blossom and grow. If you're this amazing at TWO, I can't imagine how much more you'll be when you're older. I just know we'll be best friends! I love you, from here to the Big Dipper my love!

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I love this Robyn.