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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Need to get caught up!

I can't believe it has been so long since I last blogged! I guess that's what Christmas and moving can do to someone. I feel like I need to get caught up, so here is my attempt at giving you the reader's digest of what's been going on with The Blythes.

First off, Christmas time was wonderful. We did lots of fun activities! One was our now annual trip to see the Nutcracker in Orange County. My mom and I took Addie to it last year and she LOVED it. So we repeated the tradition again. Soon, Brynn will join us (in a year or two).

 Here are few pics of us heading there and of my sweet girl with a one of the ballerinas.

Then it was time to make a gingerbread house!  We waited until Brynnie was sleeping and went to town!  She had so much fun...but I think she had more fun licking her fingers and sampling the candy!

My brother and his family came in for Christmas time, so we decided to head down to Birch Street to see all the lights that this particular neighborhood puts up.  It's totally amazing.  I think all my nieces and nephews were impressed!  It was pretty cold and we had to park about 3 blocks away because it was so busy, but it was well worth it.  Brynn is AGAIN not pictured here.  She was sick (poor baby, seems usual for her) and so Justin stayed behind in the warm car with her since she had fallen asleep.  I promise, we do have TWO kids!  LOL  Also, I'm realizing how bad this pic is!  Oh well, you get the idea.

Cosette, Sammy, Kaelyn, Addie, and Brayden

My sweet girl

Nana and Papa with MOST of their grand kids...

Hitching a ride on Papa's shoulders.

Another great change in our lives is that my cousin Shannon and her family moved back here to Southern California, right after Christmas.  We have lived away from each other since about 6 months after she got married, 6 years ago.  We are extremely close and have always wanted to live near each other so we can raise our kids together.  Well...it's finally here!  I couldn't be happier!  So here are a few pics of us at the park.  We go there together all the time now.  I am so blessed.  We also get to go with my other amazing cousin Sara and her new sweet baby Abby.

Sara and Abby

Oh look!  There's Brynn!  See, I told you we bring her with us!

My girl...Shann Wong! (Silly nickname)

Our sweet kiddos, finally getting to spend quality time together.  R-L Addie, Hannah, and Bubby (Josiah)

The last big thing that I'm sure most of anyone who reads this knows is that we moved!  We are now living in a house in Whittier and we couldn't be happier.  It's not that it's all that much bigger than where we are, but it fits our needs so much better.  I'm attaching a few pics, but please excuse any messes...I mean come on...I have two small kids!  What do you expect?

Girl's playroom...a godsend!  I can close the door and not look at the mess and it's all contained!

One view of the girl's bedroom.  The crib is on the opposite wall.  This has turned out great!  Who knew that Addie could sleep through a hurricane!  (aka, Brynn's late-night crying fits)

I finally have a mantle!  We build fires all the time and love it!

A bigger kitchen!  Thank God!

Our favorite part of the whole house!  The backyard!  Here is the "kid's" part.  I love that they can finally play outside!

This tends to be Chance's part, but also great of running around and playing tag.

So that's a quick update for all you out of town friends and family.  Sorry no one got a Christmas card this year.  What with moving and all, it just didn't happen.  Oh well, there's always next year?!

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