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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Addie's Preschool Valentine's Party

A few days ago was Addison's preschool Valentine's Day party!  She was over the moon about it.  It was her first time making, giving , and receiving valentines.  In fact she let me know on the car ride there that today it was HER party, not mine.  I asked if I could still have fun and eat some of the yummy food and she agreed as long as I knew that it was her party and not mine.  Man!  She's one tough cookie!  Anyway here are a few highlights from our day.
Addie hugging her bag full of valentines.
Addie "lunching" with her girls...L-R Brynn, Addie, Ava, and Hannah
Brynn joining in on the fun.

Addie getting her Jenelle fix.
 Brynn decided to sit on Miss Martha's lap for our story time.

This last picture I'm just throwing in.  It's a picture of the valentine the girls and I made for Justin.  It turned out cute and the girls liked getting their feet painted!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Angie said...

Nothing better than that smile!!