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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer fun with Nana

Addie has such a fun time playing at Nana's house, but especially in the summer.  We unfortunately don't have a backyard (just a patio that is not great for playing on) so when it's hot, we head over to Nana's house.  My mom has a beautiful backyard that Addie loves to play in.  She runs through the sprinklers, rides her bike, and runs around singing and dancing...just being a kid.
  My mom recently made chocolate chip cookies with her and they are always taking walks, reading books, putting puzzles together, and memorizing Bible verses.  It's just a fun and special place to Addie and we are so blessed that we live so close and Nana can be such a blessing to my girls.  Mom, get ready, we're gonna be over a lot this summer!!!

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Nana Apryl said...

Aww, so sweet, but it's Nana that gets all the blessings.