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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blessings not lost on me

Today is a good day. Today is a blessed day. I love that today God's many blessings aren't lost on me.

Today God blesses me with:

Communion. I love communion and I always feel closer to Him when I take it.

Friends. He blesses me with some sweet new friends who let me sit with them at church (since Justin has to leave after our fellowship class to go to work). Friends who invited Addison and me to lunch after church, and then they all helped me to wrangle her and keep her entertained being that I was again without my spouse. Friends who asked about Peyton and let me share my story of my sweet baby boy without making me feel like I was making them uncomfortable. Friends who made me feel loved and a part of something.

Rocking my girl to sleep. Whenever she goes down late she ends up needing some help with it. I feel like this is a precious gift that God has given to me because I am all too aware that soon she won't want to sit on my lap and fall asleep in my arms. And this is what I dreamed about after Peyton died so I want to be aware enough to cherish these moments before they slip through my fingers.

Justin gets off work at 5. For most wives this is normal. For me it's the exception. He usually doesn't get home from work until after 7. So it's so nice on Sundays that he gets home two hours earlier than normal.

And the Colts. Justin would be upset if I didn't add that the Colts going to the super bowl wasn't a blessing. At leas in the Blythe household.

So thanks Lord for helping me to see some of the many ways you've chosen to bless me today.

I hope you can find some ways He's blessed you today.


Justin said...

amen baby. amen!!!!


Angie said...

They weren't lost on me either today! ;)