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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby #3!!

Some of you know this...some of you don't. :)

So, my last post about this subject I told you that the doctors told us that we couldn't get pregnant due to my hormone levels, and that we SHOULDN'T get pregnant...

So when I was waking up hungry in the mornings and feeling extremely tired, I decided to take a pregnancy test, on a whim. I didn't even tell Justin I was doing it, because I knew it would be negative....

This is what I saw:

So after I picked my jaw up off the ground, I walked in and told Justin the news. He was shocked and I think his response was "No you're not!". Yeah, took a bit for us to process. We really had given it to the Lord and were fine with waiting another year, as per doctors requests.

We freaked out a bit, got on the phone with the doctors immediately, and got the ball rolling with figuring out what this meant for us.

Here is our jist of what the doctors have decided (after ALL of them congratulated us and NONE of them made us feel bad for this happening sooner than planned). We will take my blood levels every 4 weeks in order to check my thyroid levels to be sure that I don't get too high. Since we thought we were going to do radiation on the regrowth in my neck, that is now put on hold until after the baby is born. I am already being seen by the same perinatologist that was on my case with Addison. I will be seen by her every three to four weeks. Then starting again at 30 weeks I will go twice a week for heart monitoring and ultrasounds to be checked. I am feeling very confident with my care, and I feel like all hands are on deck.

So, here is our latest ultrasound pic (me holding it and taking a pic cause I don't have a scanner at home)

I am now 12 weeks, and am due on September 23. We are super excited and hope we can count on all your prayers as we go through this, yet again, scary yet amazing journey.


bigsnshigs said...

yea!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your update. It's great to hear how baby #3 is doing!! How are you feeling? We are so excited for you guys and rejoice with you. We send you all our love and big hugs.

The 4 Blocks

Angie said...

So excited!!! It sounds like you are in great hands with the Doctors and the rest is up to the big guy upstairs! ;)