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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Love and Respect...

Okay, so I know this whole blog is really gonna be about Addison, but I just have to share about our weekend. And hey, Justin and I working on our marriage is all for Addison, right?

We went to the Love and Respect conference in San Diego. I know it's dramatic to say, but I really think it may have been life changing for me. I learned so much about my husband that I didn't know. I really learned about his needs as man and just how much they differ from mine. I also learned that it's gonna take a lot of work on my part to change how I function and treat him. He would DIE for Addie and me, and therefore he really deserves my honor and my respect. I want so much to be a good wife to him, the wife he needs. This will NOT happen over night but I am committed to making changes within me, not only to respect Justin, but to glorify God. I am excited to see what God can do with this....I am excited to gain a deeper love and understanding of Justin and I'm excited to have an even better marriage. I hope all you wives out there show your husbands respect today for all they do for you and your families. They deserve it and God calls us to show it. ..


Angie said...

Love my "Pink" sister ;)

bigsnshigs said...

Amen, sista!! So glad you loved it! :) i want to read the book!